Keeping a Positive Attitude Leads to a Positive Future

Maintaining a positive attitude takes practice, but you have time, and life always gives you a lot of opportunities to see things in a better light. If you make the decision to think more positively […]

How do I transfer funds to another IBO #?

To transfer funds to another IBO #:

Log in to the Virtual Office of the account that currently has the available funds.
Select the Funds Transfer tool from the Commission Tools menu.
Enter the amount you wish to […]

What does it mean to be Binary Qualified?

Your business center must be binary qualified in order to earn all streams of income except Fast Start Bonuses.  To become binary qualified you must be Order Active, and you must sponsor 2 Active Player […]

Lead, Inspire, and Motivate your Team!

Focus on creating a great environment for your team to succeed. Don’t lose sight of your teams goals. When your team succeeds, you succeed!
Be Respectful and Personable – Individuals respond when they feel they are […]