Focus on creating a great environment for your team to succeed. Don’t lose sight of your teams goals. When your team succeeds, you succeed!

Be Respectful and Personable – Individuals respond when they feel they are a valuable part of the team.  In addition to recognition based awards programs you must also show respect and courtesy within each transaction with your team members. This includes following up in a timely manner so they understand they are important.

Have Integrity, Do what you say you are going to do – Nothing will lose your teams confidence more than empty promises.  You maintaining your word will keep your team motivated and working.

Push their limits without Imposing Fear – You don’t want your team to be scared to come to you with issues or concerns. But you need to push them to their limits and keep them encouraged through adversity. Recognize when goals are achieved and immediately push your team towards achieving their next goal. The excitement from achieving one goal turns into motivation to reach the next one!

Develop your teams future leaders – Give all team members the same chance at becoming a leader within your team. Groom them from the day they enroll. This can be through a team training program or personal coaching.  Empower your team to be confident in their own decision making skills so they can continue with their success when you are not immediately available.